Beatie Family Webisodes


The arrival of “Baby #3” is imminent. Thomas is officially past his due date of July 22, 2010. The family is preparing to run off to meet the fifth member of the Beatie family. Will it be today?


Pregnant Man’s Third Baby

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Thomas gives birth to Jensen at a hospital in Bend, Oregon. Shortly after, Nancy undergoes a painful surgery. The Beaties settle into life as a family of 5.

Bringing Home Jensen Part 1 of 2

The Beaties reflect on Thomas’ latest pregnancy and discuss what life is like with 3 babies in diapers, 2 years old and under. Both Thomas and Jensen get their first doctor appointments after Jensen’s delivery.

Bringing Home Jensen Part 2 of 2

Thomas Beatie returns to his passion of martial arts and competes in full-contact taekwondo fighting matches, board breaking, and forms. Albuquerque, New Mexico, 11-5-11.

Pregnant Man - Thomas Beatie - Full-Contact Taekwondo Tournament